Analysing the Impacts of Metadiscourse Markers in Gothic Fiction: A Corpus-Based Study of Poe's Short Stories


  • Muhammad Arslan Faiz BS ENGLISH Student
  • Muhammad Adnan Birmingham City University (BCU), United Kingdom


Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic Fiction, Metadiscourse Markers, horror, mystery, Metapak, Corpus


This study deals with the impacts of metadiscourse markers in gothic fiction. Selected short stories by Edgar Allan Poe have been selected as a representative sample of gothic fiction. Gothic fiction is an essential genre in literature which deals with supernatural elements, horror, mystery, psychological conditions and suspense in literature. Gothic writers use specific vocabulary to make their writings horror. Many frequently occurring words, phrases, and metadiscourse markers help create a specific environment in gothic literature. Metadiscourse markers play a vital role in comprehending any discourse. Using these markers, writers can make readers believe certain conditions and logic. Metadiscourse markers can be used to create suspense or doubt and also to assert some notion upon the reader. In this research, various types, frequencies and functions of Metadiscourse markers have been analysed using Metapak software. The researcher has used a mixed-method approach to analyse the frequency of certain words and their impacts on writing. The researcher has taken five short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and has used Metapak to analyse interactional and interactive markers and their types used in the stories. The researcher has examined how the Metadiscourse markers are used to elaborate the meaning and concepts of the text using ideas of gothic fiction. The researcher has calculated all metadiscourse markers in the selected data and, by analysing their frequencies, inferred how they are essential in developing the environment and setting of the horror stories. This study is also helpful in understanding the use of certain vocabulary in gothic writings.




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