Role Of Audit Committee Characteristics And Quality Of Financial Reporting In Banks Of Pakistan


  • Waqar Dilshad NCBA&E, Multan, Pakistan
  • Mehak Ali NCBA&E Multan, Pakistan
  • Shakeel Ahmed IUB, Pakistan
  • Syed Muhammad Kamran Javed MBA, NCBA&E,¬†Pakista


Financial statements, Audit Committee Independence, Financial Reporting, Audit Committee


This study going to carried out for statistically examining the elements of audit committee and its impact on the quality financial reporting recorded in Pakistan banks. It used annual financial statements of fifteen listed banks of Pakistan for the year of 2018. The research project developed correlation research design in this dissertation. The researcher accepted Jones (1991) adjusted model that present the measure for profitable management that is illustration of financial reporting quality. The hypotheses testing was done with the help of SPSS statistic 22.0. Research outcomes showed that the independence of audit committee found to be negatively influenced the earnings of management in listed Pakistani banks. Research approves that audit team must be fine-assumed and effective. So, as restrict profit management. Repeatedly, we recommend coordination and re-coordination about audit committee members to assurance ethe significant effects on financial reporting and its quality.