The Emotional Edge: How Consumer Perception Mediates the Relationship Between Emotional Branding and Purchase Intent


  • Zeeshan Shaukat University of Management and Technology
  • Mehar Tahir Farid University of Management and Technology


Emotional Branding, Consumer Perception, Purchase Intent, Loyalty, Perceived


The primary object of this study is to investigate the direct effect of emotional branding on the consumer's purchase intent. Specifically, this study investigates the impact of brand loyalty, brand association, perceived quality and brand personality on consumer perception that, as a result, increases consumers' purchase intent. In this research (PLS-SEM), Partial least squares structural equation modelling was applied to the data collected from 175 respondents. The results of the measurement model confirm convergent and discriminant validity. According to findings, emotional branding is essential in increasing purchase intent. Findings also assert that perceived quality, brand association, brand loyalty, and brand personality boost purchase intent through the mediating mechanism of consumer perception. The outcomes of this study contribute to both practical and theoretical domains. Policymakers and top management of brands may use emotional branding to create positive consumer perceptions to boost consumers' purchase intent.