An Empirical Investigation of Relationship between M- Commerce and Online Repurchase Intention. The Moderating Role of Brand Image


  • Ahmad Tisman Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan,
  • Jasim Riaz Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan


M-commerce, Brand image, Online Re-purchase Intention


Every research begins with solving a problem or improving a system. In recent years, the intention to repurchase has become relevant in the digital market. Loyal customers provide corporations with long-term profits and are considered valuable assets. However, Industries are losing customers on the Internet in a competitive environment due to brand image and other factors. This research demonstrates how M-commerce and brand image affect customer repurchase intention. Based on the literature review, a conceptual framework was developed. Information was gathered through experienced m-commerce consumers in Multan. After the information was illuminated, a confirmatory factor analysis was conducted. The analysis of the structural equation was used to check the hypotheses. For this reason, IBM SPSS was used. Research results demonstrate that the quality of M-commerce and brand image significantly influence online repurchase intention. This can, of course, be used as the basis for better management of m-commerce services so that an individual's intention to make a re-purchase can be increased until that person makes the first purchase. Brand image enhances M-commerce's impact to make an online re-purchase intention. The brand image plays a strong role in increasing an individual's desires in buying behaviour; often, someone is an impressionist of the behaviour of the brand image. The brand image is used as a place for someone, especially adolescents (Generation X), to find an identity for their buying behaviour and can even improve their social status.