Taste, Talk, and Tidiness: How Product Quality, Communication, and Cleanliness Drive Customer Satisfaction in the Food Industry


  • Maryam Tariq Institute of banking and finance Bahauddin Zakariya university Multan
  • Anam Mubashir Institute of banking and finance Bahauddin Zakariya university Multan


Communication Skills, Product Availability, Price, Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Cleanliness


In the food industry, the key to thriving and boosting sales is ensuring that customers are satisfied with their experience and products. This directly impacts the bottom line and overall success of the business. In order for a business to achieve long-term success, it is essential to focus on customer-centered strategies at every stage of product development and distribution. This research delves into the complex interplay between customer happiness and various factors like communication abilities, product accessibility, pricing, product excellence, and cleanliness in the ever-evolving landscape of the hotel sector in Pakistan. Information was carefully gathered from well-known hotels and restaurants located in the culturally rich province of Punjab, Pakistan. Sophisticated rear. The study also emphasizes how a number of variables, including product availability, pricing policies, and culinary excellence, have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. The astounding discovery is how much value Pakistani consumers place on hygienic food preparation practices. The study's scope is strictly limited to Pakistan's southern province of Punjab. Future research should include a variety of samples from different parts of Pakistan in order to increase the applicability of these findings and obtain a thorough understanding of consumer happiness in the larger context of that nation.