The Impact of Electronic Service Quality, Satisfaction and Word of Mouth on Customer Electronic Loyalty: Examining the Mediating Role of Electronic Trust


  • Muhammad Mohsin University of Narowal
  • Muhammad Adeel Abid University of Narowal
  • Noshaba Maqsood University of Narowal
  • Mehwish Rani University of Narowal
  • Hassan Raza University of Narowal
  • Saliha Shahzadi University of Narowal


Electronic services, Satisfaction, Word oF Mouth, Electronic Trust, Loyalty


Customer loyalty and trust are crucial for a business's viability as customers are more likely to patronize when they have a positive experience. This study sought to investigate how electronic service quality, satisfaction, and word of mouth impact the formation of customer online trust and loyalty. 250 valid responses were gathered via a Google-based survey, employing non-probability purposive sampling for data analysis. Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) was utilized for data analysis. The study revealed a strong and positive correlation between electronic service quality, satisfaction, word of mouth and electronic loyalty. Additionally, the finding emphasizes the moderating influence of electronic trust. This study is a vital addition to the current research on electronic purchasing, assisting online businesses in comprehending and creating customer-focused strategies and marketing plans.