An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of Talent Management, Organizational Learning, and Environmental Dynamism on Sustainable Business Performance in Pakistani Hospitals


  • Muhammad Abbas Superior University, Lahore
  • Anas A. Salameh Department of Management, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia


Organizational Learning, Environmental Dynamism, Talent Management, Sustainable Business


This paper examines the mediating role of organizational learning and the moderating role of environmental dynamism in talent management and hospitals’ sustainable business performance in the Pakistani healthcare sector. The study used a quantitative approach, with an initial sample of 174 Pakistani hospitals. The theoretical framework was based on previous studies of talent management (TM), organizational learning (OL), environmental dynamism (ED), and sustainable business performance (SBP). Partial least squares-structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) was used to test the study’s hypotheses. Talent management mindset (TMM), but not talent management strategy (TMS), has a significant relationship with OL and SBP. OL has a significant direct relationship with SBP and mediates the relationship between TMM and SBP but not between TMS and SBP. Research limitations/implications – This work is one of a limited number of studies that empirically address TM, OL, ED, and SBP in this context. The study is limited to Pakistani hospitals. It provides theoretical contributions by broadening the knowledge of OL, TM, and the multifocal perspective of hospitals’ SBP, a relevant but underexplored issue, offering several avenues for future research. The findings have beneficial practical implications for both policymakers and managers. First, focusing on talented people will directly improve sustainable performance in the Pakistani health sector. The findings also have important theoretical implications for Pakistan and countries in similar situations. The study will serve as a reference point for such countries in trying to understand factors influencing SBP. This is the first study to examine the mediating effect of OL on the relationship between talent management and hospitals’ sustainable business performance in Pakistan or worldwide.