Organizational Culture and Workplace Diversity Enhance Organizational Innovation with Moderating Role of Employee Motivation


  • Ahmad Tisma Pasha Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan


Organizational Culture, Workplace Diversity, Organizational Innovation, Employee Motivation


The study results revealed that private and governmental organizations in Pakistan should commit themselves to instilling cultures that seek to help them achieve their aims. Every organisation wants to become more innovative because innovations make the organizations more productive, so cultural diversity makes the employees motivated. Then the employees work more efficiently and effectively, which makes the organization more innovative. We have used quantitative methods to collect our data from cross-sectional time horizons. We conduct basic research purpose therefore we could understand the vision of our audience. The research questionnaire was reviewed by organization employees having experience more than 2 years. The size of the sample for this research was 370 people. Analysis of correlation and regression: These are used to determine the relation among variables (dependent and independent). In previous research, no one can collaborate on the relation between organisational culture and organisational innovation by mediating the role of workplace diversity and moderating the effect of employee motivation at the second degree. The findings focused on determining the level of organizational culture on the diversity of the workforce, which enhances organizational innovation with the influence of employee motivation in government and private organizations.