Application of n-Rung Orthotriplet Fuzzy Information in Decision Making Problem


  • Bushra Batool Department of Mathematics, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan


Fuzzy set, Orthopair, Decision making, operator


The n-rung orthotriple fuzzy set (n-ROtFS) is an efficient, generalized and powerful tool for expressing fuzzy information. It can cover more complex, imprecise valuation information. Therefore, based on the advantages of n-ROtFSs, this paper presents a new advanced aggregation method to deal with uncertainty in the form of n-ROtFS in real-world problems. We propose Algebraic operational laws based on aggregation operators and their important properties under n-ROtF information. Namely of the propose operators are: n-rung orthotriple weighted average ( n-ROtFWA) operator, n-rung orthotriple weighted geometric ( n-ROtFWG) operator, n-rung orthotriple ordered weighted average ( n-ROtFOWA) operator, n-rung orthotriple ordered weighted geometric ( n- ROtFOWG) operator, n-rung orthotriple hybrid average ( n-ROtFHA) operator, n-rung orthotriple hybrid geometric ( n-ROtFHG) operator. Moreover, we designed the algorithm to deal with the problem of uncertainty in decision making. Lastly,a digital food security decision making case study is presented to demonstrate the applicability and validity of the proposed methodology.